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24" Pilot Tube 4021-193


Currently in Stock: 15

Pilot tube male-male, same size on both ends

Heatilator: 4021-193

Heat-N-Glo: 4021-193

Heatilator NB3630

Heatilator NB3630I

Heatilator NB3630M

Heatilator NB3630MI

Heatilator NB3933I

Heatilator NB3933MI

Heatilator NB4236

Heatilator NB4236I

Heatilator NB4236M

Heatilator NB4236MI

Heatilator NB4842

Heatilator NB4842I

Heatilator NB4842M

Heatilator NB4842MI

Heatilator ND3630

Heatilator ND3630I

Heatilator ND3630M

Heatilator ND3630MI

Heatilator ND3933

Heatilator ND3933I

Heatilator ND3933MI

Heatilator ND4236

Heatilator ND4236I

Heatilator ND4236M

Heatilator ND4236MI

Heatilator ND4842

Heatilator ND4842I

Heatilator ND4842MI