Embaglow Flickering Embers


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Embaglow is used to create a high level of glow on gas fires using a high-temperature metal fibre. The fibre has a very thin diameter and responds instantly to the heat of the flame. As a result, a shimmering glow is achieved as the gas flame moves over and then away from the fibrous ember.

Avoid placing near the pilot as the metallic material can short the fireplace circuit.

Tease out the fibres until they form a very loose, very tight network. Try to ensure that clumps of fibres are not formed. A loose network will allow gas to pass through them and ensure the maximum glow is attained. Once the fibres are prepared, place them where a glow is required. By raising the height of the fibres above the level of the burner, a shimmering glow will be attained. Although the fibres have a long life, they will eventually deteriorate. If this becomes apparent, replacement fibres can be obtained.