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Fan speed control square


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Square shaped fan speed control (rheostat).

Comes with 6'' male connector leads.

Works with just about any fireplace fan system. 2 1/4'' x 1 3/4'' x 1''

If your current connector doesnt have the same male leads you might have to cut them off and use a different connector

Avalon (Travis Industries): 250-00303

Fireplace Xtrordinair (Travis Industries): 250-00303

Lopi (Travis Industries): 250-00303

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864 TRV GS Fireplace, Winthrop (Avalon) GS1 - 2009 to 2012

864 TRV GS Fireplace (FPX) GS1 - 2009 to 2012

864 TRV GS Fireplace, Hearthview (Lopi) GS1 - 2009 to 2012