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Ignition Control Box 15695D


Ignition Control Box 15695D fits some Heatilator, Superior and Lennox gas fireplaces

For direct spark units only, does not work with intermittent pilot

Heatilator: 15695D

Lennox: 901253 / H2306

Superior (IHP): H2306 / 901253

Archgard 520-DVT15N - 2011

Heatilator CGC150E

Heatilator EZE

Heatilator G136E

Heatilator G141

Heatilator G141E

Heatilator G270E

Heatilator G340E

Heatilator G420E

Heatilator G920FLE

Heatilator GBFL36E

Heatilator GBiS36E

Heatilator GBST36E

Heatilator GC100AE

Heatilator GC100E

Heatilator GC112E

Heatilator GC136E

Heatilator GC150E

Heatilator GC1990E

Heatilator GC2000E

Heatilator GC200E

Heatilator GC300E

Heatilator GC300FLE

Heatilator GC300STE

Heatilator GC340E

Heatilator GC341E

Heatilator GC361E

Heatilator GC400E

Heatilator GC400SFE

Heatilator GC420E

Heatilator GC421E

Heatilator GC5 0 0 CLE

Heatilator GC500CRE

Heatilator GC720E

Heatilator GC920E

Heatilator GCBC36E

Heatilator GCBC42E

Heatilator GCBC60E

Heatilator GCBC80E

Heatilator GCDC36E

Heatilator GCDC42E

Heatilator GCDC60E

Heatilator GCDC80E

Heatilator GDCH36E

Heatilator GDCL36E

Heatilator GDCL60E

Heatilator GDCR60E

Heatilator GDFL36E

Heatilator GDFL60E

Heatilator GDFL60EV

Heatilator GDST36E

Heatilator GDST60E

Heatilator GNDH36E

Heatilator SIM-E