ODS Pilot Assembly Propane Vent Free


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ODS Pilot Assembly Propane Vent Free LPG8402

Does not include pilot tubing or ignitor wire

American Hearth (Empire): R5170


White Mountain Hearth (Empire): R5170

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Concord Log Set & Burner (VFDR18LBW10; VFD(R,T,M)(18,24,30)LBW)

Concord Log Set with Contour Burner Installation Instructions (VFD(M,R,T)(18,24,30)LBW

Fireplace VF Insert AH VFP20IN, VFP28IN

Franklin Vent-Free Fireplace Insert (VFP20,28IN)

Harmony Burner AH VFN(I,R)24 & VFX(I,V) 24

Lincoln 24 Fireplace (AVFP24FP)

Lincoln 26 Fireplace (VFD26FP)

Lincoln 26 VFD26F

Lincoln Premium (VFP_BP)

Loft Series Vent-Free/Vented Burner (VFRL)

Loft VF Burner AH VFRL1810, VF(R,I)L(18,24,30)

Loft VF Multi-Sided Burner AH VF(I,R)U24

Premium VF Fireplace AH (VFP(32,36)BP)

Slope Glaze Burner AH (VFSE-(18,24,30) & VFSV-(16,18,24,30)

Slope Glaze Burners Vent-Free, Intermittent Pilot (VFSE, VFSV)

Slope Glaze VF Burner AH VFSR, VFSM(16,18,24,30)

Slope Glaze Vista Burner AH VFSUR(18,24,30),VFSUE(18,24,30)

Slope Glaze Vista Burner (VFSUR, VFSUE)

Trenton & Burner VFD(M,R,T)(18,24,30)

Trenton Log Set & Burner (VFDR1810; VFD(R,T,M)(18,24,30)LB)

Vented/Vent-Free Slope Glaze Burners (VFSR, VFSM)

VF Fireplace AH (AVFP24FP(2,3,7))





Fireplace VF Insert WMH (VFP20IN, VFP28IN)

Flint Hill Ceramic Fiber Log Set with Contour Burner (VFDM/R/T_LB)

Harmony Burner VFN(I,R)24 & VFX(I,V) 24

Innsbrook Vent-Free Insert (VFP20,28IN)

Loft Series Vent-Free/Vented Burners (VFRL)

Loft Vent-Free Multi-Sided Burner (VFRU, VFIU)

Loft VF Burner WMH VFRL/VFIL (18,24,30)

Loft VF Multi-Sided Burner WMH VF(I,R)U24

Slope Glaze Burner Vent-Free Intermittent Pilot (VFSE, VFSV)

Slope Glaze Burner WMH VFSE-(18,24,30) & VFSV-(16,18,24,30)

Slope Glaze Vista Burner (VFSUR, VFSUE)

Slope Glaze Vista VF Burner WMH VFSUR(18,24,30),VFSUE(18,24,30)

Vail 24 Fireplace (VFP24FP)

Vail 26 Fireplace (VFD26FP)

Vail 26 - VFD26F(M,P,P30L10)

Vail VF Fireplace VFP24FP(2,3,7)

Vail VF Premium 32

Whiskey River Log Set/Contour Burner (VFDR18LBW10 & VFD(R,T,M)(18,24,30)LBW)

Whiskey River Refractory Log Set with Contour Burner (VFDM/R/T_LBW)